Remarkable Limousines trading as Arrive First Class AND H2 Hunter Hummers.

By paying the deposit, the booking host agrees with all our terms and conditions.



Your booking date and preferred vehicle is not secured until the deposit has been received.

By paying the deposit you are agreeing with all our terms and conditions.

Your booking is not finalised until the entire balance has been made paid.

Full payment is required 30 days prior to your booking date.  


The deposit is 20% of the total cost of hire.

If your booking is within 30 days, full payment is required.

The deposit is non-refundable. We will not issue credit.  

You understand that without a paid deposit, you have not secured your booking or preferred vehicle.


The balance is due 30 days prior to the booking date.

If you’re making the booking within 30 days of the booking date, the balance is due immediately.

Failure to pay your balance will result in your booking being cancelled.

Cancelled bookings with 30 days of the booking date will not be refunded.


If you want to cancel you must advise us in writing via email and be acknowledged by us via return communication.

The following cancellation charges will apply:

– If you cancel more than 30 days out: 20% of the cost of hire (your deposit) will be kept.

– 30 Days or less: 100% of the cost of hire will be kept.

Your booking can not be moved to another date once deposit has been paid. We do not issue refunds for change of mind/circumstances. Credit will not be issued.


Once your deposit has been paid, your preferred vehicle will be allocated to your booking.

Vehicles may change due to unforeseen circumstances. Refunds will not be issued due to vehicle allocation.


All bookings run on a strict time schedule and need to finish at the allocated time of the booking.

If your booking runs over time due to fault or delay of passenger(s) then this time will be charged at $150 per hour that you run late – this fee is not for additional touring, it will be to take you to your final drop off.  

We cannot guarantee that we are able to offer any extra time that is not pre booked.

Customer agrees that overtime MUST be paid for either in cash to the driver or via credit card over the phone. Credit card will incur a 2.2% surcharge for Visa and Mastercard and 3.5% for Amex.


The pickup and drop off location must be suitable for our vehicles to gain access and access routes must allow for 11T GVM vehicles. We can not fit down narrow streets, dirt roads, cattle grates and lane ways. Our drivers will not attempt them. Compensation will not be provided.


Any unscheduled drop offs or pickups are not permitted.


Any personal expenses, entry fees incurred as a result of delays, alteration or curtailment of any charter, whether caused by but not limited to mechanical defects, flooding, civil commotion, riots, terrorism, driver mistakes or any other cause are not the responsibility of Remarkable Limousines.

If additional expense is incurred for you agree that this is at your own expense not the expense of Remarkable Limousines.


If Venues/Police/Council Rangers/Parking Inspectors ask us to move on without allowing disembarkation. As we always comply with laws Remarkable Limousines drivers will find a suitable alternative location. No refunds will be issues if this impacts your booking.


The company gives its advice on journey times in good faith and does not guarantee the completion of any journey in any specific time and will not be liable for loss or inconvenience caused by the actual journey time and or breakdown of the hire vehicle.

The time of arrival at starting point, stop-over point, destination, or return to point of origin cannot be guaranteed.

All drivers have instructions to drive at all times in compliance to all governing laws.

Unusual road, traffic and weather conditions are beyond the control of Remarkable Limousines and their driver, and delays occasioned by same will not be the responsibility of Remarkable Limousines or the driver.

Late arrivals due to these and other occurrences out of the control of the driver are not grounds for cancellation of the charter.


In the event of a cancellation due to a government mandated shutdown you can change the date of your booking provided it’s within 12 months. NO other changes will be made and if not used within 12 months your booking will expiry. No refunds will be provided.

We do NOT offer refunds in the event of a government mandated shutdown.


Remarkable Limousines will take action to recover all costs incurred due to damages to any audio/visual equipment.

Apple/Android CarPlay is fitted into our vehicles. This is to be operated by the host. The driver can not assist you once they are driving the vehicle.

Music videos are available upon request. The display screen will not work with your devices. The driver can play this upon your request before driving has commenced. Driver can not assist you once they are driving.


The vehicles is fitted with CCTV surveillance cameras for insurance and legal purposes. By travelling with us you agree to be recorded for these purposes.


We are not responsible for injury incurred due to accidental, careless or inappropriate behaviour. The use of seatbelts is compulsory in Australia for drivers/passengers of all motor vehicles.


The consumption of BYO alcohol is permitted.

Responsible consumption of alcohol needs to be adhered to at all times. Our staff reserve the right to ‘cut-off’ anyone deemed too intoxicated.

Under-age drinking is not permitted.

We reserve the right to remove any person(s) or terminate your booking.


Negative, abusive, or poor behaviour will not be tolerated. Passengers must keep all body parts inside the vehicle at all times including the windows and sunroof. Seatbelts need to be worn at all times.

We reserve the right to remove any person(s) or terminate your booking.


Drink wear is provided.

Bottles that are glass such as champagne/wine are permitted however if broken you will be charged a cleaning fee and/or damage fee.

No red liquids permitted such as red wine, premixed drinks, red soft drinks or kids drinks.


Our vehicles are under a strict cleaning, condition inspection and maintenance program.

We suggest that when you initially board, you inspect the vehicle for any damage. Should you find any damage you are required to notify the driver immediately.

Where the vehicle is damaged or left in an unpleasant condition you will be charged a cleaning and/or damage fee. Remarkable Limousines will take action to recover all costs incurred. Our vehicles are video monitoring for your safety, our drivers safety and for insurance purposes.


Glitter, confetti and feathers are not permitted. Cleaning fees will apply.


Smoking and vaping are not permitted on board by law. A cleaning/damage fee will be charged if you smoke/vape in our vehicles. Reminder we have CCTV running at all times.


Beer bongs, snorkels and other devices used to expedite the delivery of alcohol/drinks/liquids down one’s throat are not permitted.


Our vehicles are under a strict cleaning, condition inspection and maintenance program.

We will not accept responsibility for any soiled, damaged or torn clothing resulting from the interior or exterior of the vehicles.

The driver has the right to refuse entry to any passenger/s that are at risk of damaging the vehicle due to soiled or clothing that risk our vehicles.


We ask passengers, when possible, to must remove all rubbish at the end of the tour. We understand that this is not always possible, and our drivers will assist with the removal however excessive rubbish will result in a cleaning/damages charge.  


All property and valuables remain the responsibility of their owners. Drivers are not permitted under strict company policy to store, look after passengers’ goods, clothing or hold property for safe keeping.

We cannot take responsibility for items left on vehicles therefore we recommend that personal items are not left in our vehicles.

If any property is found, we will hold it at our depot. If the item(s) are not collected within two weeks we have the right to dispose of them.

We will not be liable and will not pay for damage to property or clothing which belongs to any person that is brought onto our vehicles.


Photos and videos may be published on our website and social media after the event. You must advise us if you do not wish this to occur prior or during the event.

SECURITY BONDS              

We reserve the right to charge a security bond on any bookings we deem suitable.

We will refund your security bond within 5 business days of your booking if you have not breached our terms and conditions.

By paying the bond, you agree to our terms and conditions.

The amount of time it takes to reach your bank is determined by your bank provider.


As the hirer of the chartered vehicle, you are responsible for your guest’s actions and compliance to the terms and conditions.

The driver is within their legal rights to evict any individual or all persons at any time at their discretion if you or your guests are causing a disturbance, deemed to be acting in a manner that could cause the vehicle to have an accident, unruly behaviour, are heavily intoxicated, or acting in a manner that the driver feels is inappropriate at their discretion, no refunds will be given, and an automatic loss of the entire bond will occur.


Credit card will incur a 2.2% surcharge for Visa and Mastercard, 3.5% for Amex and 7% for afterpay/zip money (buy now pay later services).


  • Cleaning Liquids – $400
  • Cleaning Vomit – $400
  • Cleaning other body fluids – $1000
  • Smashed drinking glass – $20 per glass
  • Glitter – $600
  • Carpet Cleaning – $400
  • Damage to vehicle – Customer will cover all cost of repair.
  • Damage to equipment – Customer will cover all cost of repair.