What makes a Hummer so unique?

Does the idea of hiring a Hummer for your wedding tempt you? Here are some reasons why this vehicle is unique and can represent a good choice for special events:

It is... big

The smallest Hummer is H3, produced from 2005 to 2010. Even this “little” guy is almost 5 metres long and weighs about 2267kg. If you are a fan of big cars, the Hummer is an excellent idea.

It is controversial

This vehicle is not the most environmentally friendly one, and its viability was questioned after the 2008 financial crisis. However, if your secret dream is using a Hummer at least once in your life, you should go for it – you’re hiring it just for one day.

It is unusual

Limousines are very common at weddings and hiring a Hummer can make yours unusual. This will help you give a modern and cutting-edge feel to your event.

It is impractical

Because Hummers are bigger than other SUVs, it may be hard to park them or drive them on smaller streets. Make sure the venue where the party takes place has a parking area that can accommodate this kind of vehicle.

It can be modified into a limousine

If you don’t want to leave any doubt on the destination of the vehicle, choose a special limousine Hummer like the Super Stretch Hummer H2. In the end, you only live once, isn’t it?

All things considered, Hummers are a good choice if you want to organise an extravagant wedding. These vehicles will definitely make heads turn!